February 10-12, 2020, Los Angeles

MAKERS brings together women and men from across all industries to ignite real change.

About The MAKERS Conference

The MAKERS Conference is a global leadership event that brings together more than 600 of the most powerful names in business, entertainment, tech and finance to explore ways to accelerate women’s equality. Each year, this three-day experience provides the inspiration that moves people to action via provocative conversations, compelling storytelling and onstage pledges to advance change.


NOT DONE is our theme for the 2020 MAKERS Conference. It’s a phrase inspired by the suffragettes and the passing of the 19th Amendment in 1920. It honors all that we’ve tackled in the last 100 years, but also serves as a rallying cry to keep moving forward and finish the job together.


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MAKERS is dedicated to providing an accessible environment and experience for all. Please let us know if you need reasonable accommodation by contacting makersconference@makers.com.


The 2020 MAKERS Conference
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2020 Agenda

All times are PST.

*Programming is subject to change

10:00 am

Registration Opens

4:00 pm

Welcome Reception

5:30 pm

Session 1

7:00 pm

Welcome Dinner

7:30 am


8:30 am

Session 2

10:00 am

Morning Break

10:30 am

Session 3

12:00 pm


1:30 pm

Session 4

3:00 pm

Afternoon Break

3:30 pm

Session 5

6:00 pm


8:00 pm

Session 6

7:30 am


8:30 am

Session 7

10:30 am

Morning Break

11:00 am


1:00 pm

Grab-n-Go Lunch

Day 1

12:00 pm — Arrivals


4:00 pm — Welcome Reception


5:30 pm — Session 1


Alex Wallace, General Manager of News, Entertainment & Studios, Verizon Media, kicks off the 2019 MAKERS conference


Dyllan McGee, Founder & Executive Producer, MAKERS, welcomes guests to the 2019 MAKERS conference


Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA Gymnast and 2018 NCAA Floor Exercise Champion, speaks with Dyllan McGee about burnout, bouncing back and viral fame after scoring a perfect 10 (for the sixth time in her career!)


SPECIAL PERFORMANCE: An excerpt from the play What the Constitution Means to Me (debuting on Broadway Mar. 14th), written and performed by Heidi Schreck, Playwright & Performer, and Rosdely Ciprian and Mike Iveson, Performers (introduced by Lori Bongiorno, General Manager, Yahoo Entertainment, Lifestyle & MAKERS)


Gloria Steinem, Author & Activist, talks to Heidi and Rosdely about their hit show — which the New Yorker is calling the “number one play of the year”


Ella Bell Smith, Professor, Tuck School of Business, introduces the MAKERS family dinner


7:00 pm — Welcome Dinner


Guru Gowrappan, CEO, Verizon Media, opens the MAKERS family dinner


Glennon Doyle, Author of Love Warrior & Founder, Together Rising, on the importance of bringing “All of Us” to the table


Cristela Alonzo, Comedian, Actress, Writer & Producer, closes the evening with a stand-up comedy set (introduced by Lilliana Vazquez, Correspondent, NBC)

Day 2

8:30 am — Session 2


Special Message from Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former Secretary of State


Lori Bongiorno, General Manager, Yahoo Entertainment, Lifestyle & MAKERS, kicks off day two with some life hacks for all


Joanna Barsh, Senior Partner Emerita & Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company, reveals findings from a new MAKERS study on equality in the workplace: “MAKERS on the Front Lines: Talent Rising”


MAKERS MOMENT brought to you by PricewaterhouseCoopers; Shannon Schuyler, Principal, Chief Purpose Officer & Responsible Business Leader at PwC, on the importance of finding fulfillment at work and in your life


Diana Trujillo, Mars 2020 Arm Science Surface Phase Lead, on being an immigrant who turned a far-off dream into a reality


Regina Wilson, Firefighter, FDNY, interviews Kristina Kepner, Battalion Chief, LAFD, and Kristin Crowley, Deputy Chief, LAFD, about battling the California wildfires — the front lines of climate change — in a profession dominated by men


Leah Smith, Disability Rights Activist, talks to Lydia Polgreen, Editor in Chief, HuffPost, about how your “ism” is an asset


Barbara “Dusty” Roads, Flight Attendant & Union Leader, talks to Gloria Steinem, Author & Activist, about how she fought against the airline industry’s sexist working conditions and regulations


10:30 am — Session 3


Kendall Coyne Schofield, Two-time U.S. Hockey Olympic Medalist & Five-time World Champion, talks to Abby Wambach, American Soccer Icon & Activist for Equality & Inclusion, about being the first woman ever to compete in the National Hockey League’s All-Star Skills Competition


Megan Smith, CEO, shift7, talks the future of artificial intelligence, kicking off with Joy Buolamwini’s video “AI, Ain’t I a Woman?” Smith will then be joined by Stephanie Lampkin, CEO & Founder, Blendoor, and Frida Polli, CEO & Co-Founder, pymetrics, for a discussion about reshaping hiring using AI and neuroscience


Susan Schuman, CEO, SYPartners, on how to be an effective leader in an ever-changing workplace


MAKERS MOMENT brought to you by SK-II; Kylene Campos, Global Marketing Director, SK-II, shows an exclusive preview of SK-II’s provocative new ad (and shows an exclusive preview) — which encourages women to break barriers and change their destiny


Lisa Borders, President & CEO, TIME’S UP, talks to Jennifer Garner, Actress, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, about her career, the last year of TIME’S UP and where the movement is headed


1:30 pm — Session 4


Jameela Jamil, Actor, Activist & Founder, @I_Weigh, gets candid about disrupting male stereotypes


Franklin Leonard, Founder, The Black List, talks to Sarah Ellison, Staff Writer, The Washington Post, about increasing representation in Hollywood — from the writers’ room to director’s chairs


MAKERS MOMENT brought to you by lululemon; Celeste Burgoyne, Executive VP of Americas, lululemon talks about navigating life as a woman in leadership, and the importance of relationships, community and leading with the self


Vicki Shabo, Vice President for Workplace Policies and Strategies, National Partnership for Women & Families, on the landscape of paid family leave in the U.S. — and what needs to change


Arlan Hamilton, Founder & CEO, Backstage Capital, talks to Aisha Tyler, Actress, Director, Author & Entrepreneur, about investing in companies led by underrepresented founders


Moj Mahdara, CEO & Founder, Beautycon, on how to ask for what you want, win financial power and use it to level the playing field


Nadia Bolz-Weber, Public Theologian, on harnessing the power of your anxiety


Session 5


Ciara, Grammy Award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Model & Actress, talks to Angela M. Davis, Founder, AMDIO Method, about how to “Level Up” all aspects of your life


Jaylah Johnson, Dancer & Actress, Decibel Media Group, on the viral dance moves that captivated the internet — and landed her in Ciara’s music video


Sarah RothmanAmanda Silverman, Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson and Christine Su, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, The Lede Company, talk to Angie Martinez, President, Angie Martinez Productions, about starting a female-led business in Hollywood


MAKERS MOMENT brought to you by Rothy’s; Kerry Cooper, President & COO, Rothy’s, on how women’s fashion can save the planet


Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook, on how to map out the career you really want


Nadya Okamoto, Founder & Executive Director, PERIOD.org & Chief Brand Officer, JUV Consulting, talks with Vincent Forand, Co-Founder & Operations Director, PERIOD., Inc., about taking the taboo (and taxes!) out of tampons


Special Performance:Lynzy Lab, Artist & Activist, does her viral hit “It’s a Scary Time (For Boys)”


Session 6


Jada Pinkett Smith, Actor, Producer & Entrepreneur, leads a dynamic Red Table Talk featuring Ellen Pao, CEO & Co-Founder, Project Include, discuss the importance of women supporting women


Sharon White-Harrigan, Clinical Director, Women’s Prison Association, talks about America’s broken criminal justice system


John Legend, Singer, Songwriter & Activist, leads a panel on criminal justice reform featuring Lenore Anderson, President, Alliance for Safety & Justice, Malika Saada Saar, Senior Counsel on Civil & Human Rights, Google and Robert Rooks, VP, Alliance for Safety & Justice


Special Performance: John Legend, Singer, Songwriter & Activist


Special Performance


Zoe Novak, Musician

Day 3

8:30 am — Session 7


Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts,Ph.D., Global Yoga Ambassador, lululemon & Founder, Yoga Literature Art Camp for Teen Girls & Red Clay Yoga, leads a meditation to kick off the day


Rachel Thomas, Co-Founder & President, Lean In, on the state of women in the workplace


#RAISEYOURVOICE Pledges, MAKERS@ Board of Directors, on how they will change the game for women at their companies in 2019


Kara Nortman, Partner, Upfront Ventures & Co-Founder, All Raise, and Nairi Hourdajian, VP of Marketing and Communications, Canaan & Co-Founder, All Raise, talk with Lilliana Vazquez, Correspondent, NBC, about increasing the number of women in the senior ranks of venture capital


Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble, on why brands should get involved in social and cultural issues, with insights from the new Gillette film which defines the best men can be in today’s world


Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix, talks to Willow Bay, Dean of the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry


Terry Crews, Actor & Activist, talks about the power of men saying ‘me too’


Amanda Nguyen, CEO & Founder, Rise Up, Inc., talks about launching a social justice accelerator to empower the young activists of tomorrow


Corey Rae, Activist, Model & Writer, talks to Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO, GLAAD, about the new GLAAD List, being the first transgender prom queen, and what “All of Us” means to her


Tarana Burke, Activist, Advocate & Founder, ‘me too’ Movement, talks to Lydia Polgreen, Editor in Chief, HuffPost, about how empathy empowers survivors — and what she envisions for the future


Ella Bell Smith, Professor, Tuck School of Business, introduces workshop leaders


11:00 am to 1:00 pm — Workshops


Declare a Bold Vision: Take Ownership of Your Career and Life!
Lisa McCarthy, CEO, Fast Forward Group, leads a vision-writing session that will transform how you approach your work and life

Being Mindful When Your Mind is Full: A Practice for Leadership

Danielle Mika Nagel, Director, Mindful Performance, lululemon provides you with the tools to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine


Revealing More of Yourself as a Leader 
Jana Rich, Founder & CEO, Rich Talent Group, Susan Schuman, CEO, SYPartners, and Steven Wolfe Pereira, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Quantcast, help you hone in on your unique leadership capabilities


1:00 pm — Lunch & Departures


Meet MAKERS Conference speakers.

Photo of Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach

American Soccer Icon & Activist for Equality & Inclusion

Photo of Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler

Actress, Director, Author & Entrepreneur

Photo of Alex Wallace

Alex Wallace

General Manager of News, Entertainment & Studios, Verizon Media

Photo of Amanda Nguyen

Amanda Nguyen

CEO & Founder, Rise Up, Inc.

Photo of Amanda Silverman

Amanda Silverman

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, The Lede Company

Photo of Angela M. Davis

Angela M. Davis


Photo of Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

President, Angie Martinez Productions

Photo of Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton

Founder & CEO, Backstage Capital

Photo of Carolyn Everson

Carolyn Everson

VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Photo of Celeste Burgoyne

Celeste Burgoyne

EVP of Americas, lululemon

Photo of Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Ph.D., Global Yoga Ambassador, lululemon

Photo of Christine Su

Christine Su

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, The Lede Company

Photo of Ciara


Grammy Award-Winning Singer and Songwriter, Producer, Model & Actress

Photo of Corey Rae

Corey Rae

Activist, Model & Writer

Photo of Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo

Comedian, Actress, Writer & Producer

Photo of Diana Trujillo

Diana Trujillo

Mars 2020 Arm Science Surface Phase Lead

Photo of Dyllan McGee

Dyllan McGee

Founder & Executive Producer, MAKERS

Photo of Ella Bell Smith

Ella Bell Smith

Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Photo of Ellen Pao

Ellen Pao

Founder, Project Include

Photo of Franklin Leonard

Franklin Leonard

Founder, The Black List

Photo of Frida Polli

Frida Polli

CEO & Co-Founder, pymetrics

Photo of Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle

Author of Love Warrior & Founder, Together Rising

Photo of Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem

Author & Activist

Photo of Guru Gowrappan

Guru Gowrappan

CEO, Verizon Media

Photo of Heidi Schreck

Heidi Schreck

Playwright & Performer

Photo of Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith

Actor, Producer & Entrepreneur

Photo of Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil

Actor, Activist & Founder, @I_Weigh

Photo of Jaylah Johnson

Jaylah Johnson

Dancer & Actor, Decibel Media Group

Photo of Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Actress, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Photo of Joanna Barsh

Joanna Barsh

Senior Partner Emerita & Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company

Photo of John Legend

John Legend

Singer, Songwriter & Activist

Photo of Kara Nortman

Kara Nortman

Partner, Upfront Ventures & Co-Founder, All Raise

Photo of Katelyn Ohashi

Katelyn Ohashi

UCLA Gymnast and 2018 NCAA Floor Exercise Champion

Photo of Kendall Coyne Schofield

Kendall Coyne Schofield

Kendall Coyne Schofield

Photo of Kerry Cooper

Kerry Cooper

President & Chief Operating Officer, Rothy’s

Photo of Kristin Crowley

Kristin Crowley

Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Fire Department

Photo of Kristina Kepner

Kristina Kepner

Battalion Chief, Los Angeles Fire Department

Photo of Kylene Campos

Kylene Campos

Global Marketing Director, SK-II

Photo of Leah Smith

Leah Smith

Disability Rights Activist

Photo of Lenore Anderson

Lenore Anderson

President, Alliance for Safety & Justice

Photo of Lilliana Vazquez

Lilliana Vazquez

Correspondent, NBC

Photo of Lisa Borders

Lisa Borders

CEO & President, TIME’S UP

Photo of Lisa McCarthy

Lisa McCarthy

CEO, Fast Forward Group

Photo of Lori Bongiorno

Lori Bongiorno

General Manager, Yahoo Lifestyle, Entertainment & MAKERS

Photo of Lydia Polgreen

Lydia Polgreen

Editor in Chief, HuffPost

Photo of Lynzy Lab

Lynzy Lab

Artist & Activist

Photo of Malika Saada Saar

Malika Saada Saar

Senior Counsel on Civil & Human Rights, Google

Photo of Marc Pritchard

Marc Pritchard

Chief Brand Officer, P&G

Photo of Megan Smith

Megan Smith

3rd US Chief CTO & CEO, shift7

Photo of Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson

Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, The Lede Company

Photo of Mike Iveson

Mike Iveson

Performer, What The Constitution Means to Me

Photo of Moj Mahdara

Moj Mahdara

CEO & Founder, Beautycon

Photo of Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia Bolz-Weber

Public Theologian

Photo of Nadya Okamoto

Nadya Okamoto

Founder & Executive Director, PERIOD.org

Photo of Nairi Hourdajian

Nairi Hourdajian

VP of Marketing and Communications, Canaan

Photo of Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas

Co-Founder & President, Lean In

Photo of Regina Wilson

Regina Wilson

Firefighter, Fire Department of the City of New York

Photo of Robert Rooks

Robert Rooks

VP, Alliance for Safety & Justice

Photo of Rosdely Ciprian

Rosdely Ciprian

Actor & High School Debate Star

Photo of Sarah Kate Ellis

Sarah Kate Ellis

President & CEO, GLAAD

Photo of Sarah Levinson Rothman

Sarah Levinson Rothman

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, The Lede Company

Photo of Shannon Schuyler

Shannon Schuyler

Principal, Chief Purpose Officer & Responsible Business Leader, PwC

Photo of Sharon White-Harrigan

Sharon White-Harrigan

Clinical Director, Women’s Prison Association

Photo of Stephanie Lampkin

Stephanie Lampkin

Founder & CEO, Blendoor

Photo of Susan Schuman

Susan Schuman

CEO, SYPartners

Photo of Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke

Activist, Advocate & Founder, ‘me too’ Movement

Photo of Ted Sarandos

Ted Sarandos

Chief Content Officer, Netflix

Photo of Terry Crews

Terry Crews

Actor & Activist

Photo of Vicki Shabo

Vicki Shabo

VP, National Partnership for Women & Families

Photo of Vincent Forand

Vincent Forand

Co-Founder & Operations Director, PERIOD., Inc.

Photo of Willow Bay

Willow Bay

Dean, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism

Photo of Zoe Novak

Zoe Novak


2019 Sponsors

For information about sponsorship opportunities at The 2020 MAKERS Conference reach out to partners@makers.com.

2020 MAKERS@ Partners

MAKERS@ is the brand’s partnership program to connect and inspire executives at the forefront of equality initiatives impacting real change at work and beyond. Please contact partners@makers.com for details on the MAKERS@ program and learn how your company can participate.


2020 MAKERS@ Board of Directors

Each partner organization selects a female executive leader to serve on the MAKERS@ Board of Directors, joining an accomplished group of senior executives across sectors committed to furthering equality in the workplace.



Anna Bager

EVP, Industry Initiatives


Nicky Bell

SVP, Managing Director


Deirdre Bigley

Global Chief Marketing Officer


Annie Bloomquist

SVP, Chief Product Officer

Sleep Number

Linda Boff

Chief Marketing Officer


Shannon Brayton

Chief Marketing Officer


Kathryn Brown

EVP, Senior Account Director


Danielle Brown

VP, Employee Engagement People Operations


Celeste Burgoyne

Executive Vice President, Americas


Natalie Byrne

Head of Brand Development & Purpose


Kasha Cacy

Global Chief Executive Officer


Kylene Campos

Global Marketing Director


Lybra S. Clemons

Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion


Kerry Cooper

President & Chief Operating Officer


Lauren Crampsie

Worldwide Chief Marketing Officer


Kweilin Ellingrud

Senior Partner

McKinsey & Company

Amy Emmerich

Chief Content Officer


Julie Fink

Managing Partner

Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP

Jennifer Fraser

Senior Director, Engineering